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Sidewalk Replacement Services in NYC

Sidewalk Replacement Services in NYC

As your NYC sidewalk reaches the point of no return in terms of deterioration, you'll have to act quickly to get a sidewalk replacement handled before you find yourself served with a violation notice. Here are just a few common causes of terminal sidewalk deterioration:

  • Advanced age
  • Substantial wear
  • Irreparable areas
  • Desire for a new look

When these factors or others leave your sidewalk in a state of disrepair, get on the line with ContractorsIn Concrete & Sidewalk for a sidewalk replacement. Our sidewalk repair in NYC promises quality work handled quickly, guaranteed.

Important Reasons to Have Your Old Sidewalk Replaced

Don't get comfortable and wait around to schedule a sidewalk replacement when yours gets into a shoddy state. After all, a worn-out sidewalk can lead to other problems that are far worse than the sidewalk itself. For instance, you may find yourself dealing with any of these issues:

  • You'll avoid sidewalk-related fines
  • You'll maintain your property's curb appeal
  • You'll prevent legal issues from sidewalk-related falls

Let Our Concrete Specialists Handle All of Your Sidewalk Projects

Our NYC sidewalk specialists will help you avoid those issues by providing quality work for all your sidewalk upkeep needs. Whether you need a DOT sidewalk violation repair or any other service, you can count on us for quality work that you can afford.

What are the DOT Regulations on sidewalk repair in NYC?

When your sidewalk is up for periodic repairs or regular maintenance, choose a reputed contractor to carry out the same. Before issuing a contract or entering an agreement, make sure that the contractor has all the required permits for sidewalk repair in NYC. Once the work has been completed to your satisfaction, you can call up DOT to request for an inspection of your sidewalk and a confirmation of completion of work. For violation notices, the repair work has to be completed within 75 days of issue of the notice, failing which DOT will get the job done by a chosen contractor and the Department of Finance (DOF) will bill the property owner for the same.

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