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Here Are the Sidewalk Issues the DOT Considers

Sidewalk Issues the DOT Considers

The DOT doesn't play around when it comes to issuing your NYC property a sidewalk repair violation. That's why it's crucial that you remain abreast of the condition of your sidewalk and the factors that can lead to sidewalk-related damage:

  • Age
  • Traffic
  • Settling ground
  • Tree roots

You can't do anything to stop those factors from leading to sidewalk damage, but you can stay on top of your DOT sidewalk repair violation needs by looking out for the issues that the DOT looks for. Here are a few common issues, and you can avoid a hefty fine by getting a jump on them:

Collapsed Sidewalks

A common cause of sidewalk issues is shifting ground, which can cause your sidewalks to collapse. Since the ground underneath your sidewalk is most likely to shift after a period of heavy rain or during wide fluctuations in the temperature, be on the lookout for a sidewalk collapse during periods of such weather.

Trip Hazards

Not all sidewalk issues are as dramatic as a collapse. Oftentimes, your sidewalk becomes just damaged enough to create a trip hazard, which can be a hazard to the general public. If you notice fissures or hardware that creates a trip hazard on your sidewalk, call a sidewalk repair specialist at once for a repair.

Improper Slope

The slope of your sidewalk is critical. Too much or too little could create a tripping hazard for pedestrians, and the DOT will fine this issue in a heartbeat. To avoid a fine and any legal troubles, check on the slope of your sidewalk regularly.

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