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We'll Keep You out of Legal Trouble with a DOT Sidewalk Violation Repair

DOT Sidewalk Violation Repair

If you let your NYC property's sidewalk get into a shoddy state, you may soon find yourself served with a DOT violation. Such a notice might put a start into you, but it's nothing to get too worked up about. You can avoid the worst of it by simply scheduling a sidewalk repair with a Premier NYC Sidewalk Repair company. .

In NYC, that professional should be the pros at ContractorsIn Concrete & Sidewalk. Our sidewalk repair specialists will address your sidewalk violations to the letter, ensuring you'll avoid costly fines and legal action after being served with a DOT sidewalk violation.

DOT Violations: What You Need to Know

If you've just been dealt with your very first DOT sidewalk violation repair notice, you may feel more than a bit of trepidation. That's normal, especially if you feel mystified because you don't understand how the process works. To take the stress out of a DOT sidewalk violation repair, we've compiled a quick list of some facts you need to know:

  • A violation notice is not a fine
  • A notice gives you the opportunity to repair your sidewalk before you find yourself faced with a fine
  • Violations focus on sidewalk defects that could affect public safety
  • It is your responsibility to address your sidewalk repair needs

We'll Keep Your Sidewalks in the Right Condition with Our Repair Work

We also take the stress out of this work by providing all the sidewalk repair and replacement services you need to ensure your NYC property's sidewalk is always up to code. Give our NYC team a call as soon as you find yourself dealing with a DOT sidewalk violation notice.

What is the extent of repair to be carried out on receipt of a violation notice?

The property owner must repair every flag (square), marked with a number in the preliminary inspection report. For DOT sidewalk violation repair in NYC, get in touch with Contractorsin Concrete & Sidewalk; the premier NYC sidewalk repair agents.

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