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What Causes Your Sidewalks to Become Damaged?

What Causes Your Sidewalks to Become Damaged

Sidewalk damage is almost guaranteed to affect your NYC property over time, and when it develops, you'll find yourself dealing with a host of other issues. As experienced sidewalk specialists in NYC, we know what it looks like when you have sidewalk damage and the concerns that come with it. Here are just a few of the problems you'll have to deal with in the event of sidewalk damage:

  • Decreased curb appeal
  • Increased tripping hazard on your property
  • Reduced property value
  • Likelihood of getting a fine from the DOT

You can't avoid sidewalk damage for the most part but being aware of the factors that lead to it can help you get a jump on your sidewalk repair work. Read on if you're interested in learning about just a few of the common factors that result in sidewalk damage.

Constant Traffic

A sidewalk gets almost no break from the hustle and bustle of hundred and even thousands of people's daily lives. A little foot traffic won't do much to your sidewalk, but the combined foot traffic that a regular sidewalk in NYC suffers undoubtedly will. If your property is situated in a high-traffic area, be prepared to invest in a sidewalk repair down the road.

Advanced Age

Nothing can escape the wear that time can put on it, and your sidewalk will inevitably suffer from the effects of advancing age at some point. If your sidewalk was installed upwards of a decade ago, go ahead and prepare to call our sidewalk repair specialists for a repair at some point in the near future.

Shifting and Settling Ground

Your sidewalk doesn't have to be old or to endure constant traffic in order to suffer damage. Mother Nature is likely to put it through the wringer at any point as the ground underneath your sidewalk shifts about and settles. Be vigilant about the state of your sidewalk when the weather conditions are likely to cause the ground to move about (this includes cold weather and heavy rainfall).

Tree Roots

If there are trees on your sidewalk, you're pretty much guaranteed to require a sidewalk repair at some point—and that point could completely blindside you. Issues develop when tree roots begin to grow in a way that disrupts the placement of your sidewalk, leading to cracks, slopes, and other issues.

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